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The woman received a notice of an eviction hearing scheduled for the essex Kontakt mit dem Wasser last day of July.
About a month later, the court filing reported, Cao came to her unit and asked Where your man at?Two days later, the woman filed a report with police, saying Cao was asking her for sex in exchange for rent.I feel violated and feel like he wont stop till he gets what he wants, willingly sex Täter Suche clark county, ohio or unwillingly.On a separate occasion, the womans daughter saw Cao smack her mothers buttocks, upsetting her mother.In mid-May, the court filing said, the woman contacted Cao about a loose toilet.A month later, he returned to collect rent and again requested coochy, the document said.When he moved to get up from the inspection, he grabbed the womans breast.Cao came to the unit on July 16, asking for the rest of the rent.She struck his hand and told him to leave.Le and Tong Nguyen, who own the Tulsa property, were also charged with sex discrimination.She screamed at him and rejected him.Cao agreed to let her pay the rest on July.The next day, she filed for a Protection Against Stalking order against Cao, alleging Landlord is asking for sex when he is called to fix things in the house and to get rent.Also charged with sex discrimination in the complaint are Mai Cao, Thong Caos wife, who owns the York property with him.A Wichita landlord has been charged with sex discrimination, accused of demanding sex in exchange for rent payments and then evicting tenants when they refused his advances.He came to the unit to inspect the toilet.She left the truck at a stop light, extremely upset, and walked home.She screamed at him to get out and then got dressed.He went to his truck and wrote a notice giving her three days to vacate the unit.
The day after that notice arrived, she spoke about the sexual harassment from Cao to police officers on the property for a different reason, according to the court filing.